It’s been 15 years already! Remember 9/11

Written by veteransadmin on September 12, 2016. Posted in Blogs

It’s been 15 years already!  Remember 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, everybody remembers exactly where they were when the second plane hit the world trade center.  Many musical artists came out with a 9/11 song but few did it as fast or as fitting than country music superstar Alan Jackson with his hit “Where were you when the world stop turning.”  It was the day that redefined our opinion or the word terrorism and single handedly refocused the country on patriotism and unity.  Now 15 years later, we can be celebrated for not standing during the National Anthem as social issues, cell service and wifi coverage dominates our focus.  Our first African American President seems to be only a stepping stone to the birth of our first woman Presidential nominee and an increased awareness of the LGBT community with unisex bathrooms.  We only seem to be two generations away from completely removing God from our lives if we don’t wake up soon.
 September 11th, 2001 started like many days before it in Fairfax, Va where I was making my normal milk deliveries.  My first memory of the 9/11 is when I went into a gas station and observed the men behind the counter cracking jokes about a pilot that crashed into the world trade center.  At this moment, it appeared to be a lapse in judgement and an unforgivable mistake that was almost laughable.  Two stops later on my milk route, a crowd gathered around a CVS Pharmacy TV as the cashier reported another plane flew into the other world trade center tower.  This was a shock to everyone and the busy bodies of the big city seemed to have nowhere to go as the reality hit everyone like a ton of bricks.  Continuing on my day, I received the news at my Walmart stop that another plane had hit the Pentagon (which was pretty close to my location).  At this point there was a helpless look on the faces of the workers as we didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I could remember thinking that my milk route wasn’t that important and maybe I should check on my family and go home.
Battling through adversity, I stopped into a another CVS and purchased 2 American Flags that got duct taped to my side mirrors.  This became a trend in the Northern Virginia area in the weeks to follow as you couldn’t find an American flag in stock anywhere.   It was awesome driving to work up and down interstate 95 watching an epic patriotic display of a county unified.  American Flags hung in or flew proudly on every vehicle traveling as our hearts bled Red White and Blue.  Never in my years of military service or life as a civilian have I ever witnessed a more unified body of people that believed in their country.  Unfortunately this position came from a tragedy but it makes you wish that we could have the good ol’ days back and Make America Great Again!




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