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From Virginia and moved to Texas 4 years ago. Started American Veterans Fence Company and then founded Lighting By Veterans the same year. Father of 2 beautiful daughters and have been married to the same woman since the age of 19 years old. I guess you can say I'm a little old fashioned. -Ron Rainmaker Fence Contractors Roofing Contractors Christmas Light Installation 469-269-2838 (AVET)

Lighting By Veterans is now hiring Veterans!

Written by veteransadmin on September 21st, 2016. Posted in Blogs

Now Hiring Veterans for our 2016 Season!

This year Lighting By Veterans is on our 5th Christmas Light Installation season and they need your assistance to have another successful movement.  As always, they attempt to hire as many Veterans as they possibly can during the holidays but this effort is only possible with your support.  If you are a Veteran, or know a Veteran that is looking to work from now until the end of January, help spread the word.  There is currently 38 positions that still need to be filled ranging from outside sales managers, installation techs and office managers.  This is one of the most rewarding and well compensated career fields that will make sure that you have the best Christmas ever.  Don’t wait until this opportunity has past to take advantage of it, call them today and get your interview scheduled.
Lighting By Veterans is located in McKinney Texas and their service area covers Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Rockwall, Denton and obviously the McKinney area.  If your a Veteran living in or near the LBV service area and have dependable transportation to and from work than you’re eligible for employment.  Please have your DD214 and resume ready to present to their recruiters for immediate acceptance or you can simply email these documents to  Lighting By Veterans was founded by local Veterans and makes sure that our local Veterans have a great Christmas every season.

Opportunities at Lighting By Veterans

1. Outside Sales Professional

An outside sales professional gets to see the smiling faces of the clients and represents the LBV brand to their local communities.  This position offers flexible hours and is geared towards evenings and weekend service.  The earning potential is excellent however it requires team members to have a great personality which is the key to success.

2. Field Sales Manager

The Field Sales Manager is the eyes and ears of the office in the field and is rewarded with a generous compensation agreement.  You must have proven leadership qualities and work well with others.  Team building and teamwork are vital in this position in addition to being a “natural born closer”.  Great organizational skills are a must as your responsibilities will include inventory management and sales reports of all team members.  During the short lighting season, field sales managers will be required to be available an extended set our hours.

3. Installation Technician

The Installation Tech position is the heart of the Lighting By Veterans workforce and also has the potential to be the best paid.  Having a truck and a ladder is mandatory for this position and the work is very rewarding.  Being comfortable on a roof is important however LBV also offers paid roof safety and minor electrical courses.  Our installation tech will be required to wear Santa Claus hats and play Christmas music during installations and must be willing to work at night.  To keep the required communication with the office, Techs will need to have a smart phone that is capable of downloading apps and taking clear pictures.

4. Office Manager

Being an Office Manager for Lighting By Veterans carriers the most responsibility and the toughest schedule.  You will be required to handle phone calls with grace, type estimates / invoices and coordinate projects for installation.  The office manager can be accountable for as many as 60 staff members schedules while multitasking through stress filled time sensitive situations.  Data entry, SEO / marketing and company inventory are also among the office responsibilities.  To summarize, you’ll need to know where everyone is at all times and what’s going on with every customer.  There are few people that can mentally handle this position but the person who can will be surrounded by brilliant entrepreneurs that play Christian music throughout the work day.
469-269-2838 (AVET)

It’s been 15 years already! Remember 9/11

Written by veteransadmin on September 12th, 2016. Posted in Blogs

It’s been 15 years already!  Remember 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, everybody remembers exactly where they were when the second plane hit the world trade center.  Many musical artists came out with a 9/11 song but few did it as fast or as fitting than country music superstar Alan Jackson with his hit “Where were you when the world stop turning.”  It was the day that redefined our opinion or the word terrorism and single handedly refocused the country on patriotism and unity.  Now 15 years later, we can be celebrated for not standing during the National Anthem as social issues, cell service and wifi coverage dominates our focus.  Our first African American President seems to be only a stepping stone to the birth of our first woman Presidential nominee and an increased awareness of the LGBT community with unisex bathrooms.  We only seem to be two generations away from completely removing God from our lives if we don’t wake up soon.
 September 11th, 2001 started like many days before it in Fairfax, Va where I was making my normal milk deliveries.  My first memory of the 9/11 is when I went into a gas station and observed the men behind the counter cracking jokes about a pilot that crashed into the world trade center.  At this moment, it appeared to be a lapse in judgement and an unforgivable mistake that was almost laughable.  Two stops later on my milk route, a crowd gathered around a CVS Pharmacy TV as the cashier reported another plane flew into the other world trade center tower.  This was a shock to everyone and the busy bodies of the big city seemed to have nowhere to go as the reality hit everyone like a ton of bricks.  Continuing on my day, I received the news at my Walmart stop that another plane had hit the Pentagon (which was pretty close to my location).  At this point there was a helpless look on the faces of the workers as we didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I could remember thinking that my milk route wasn’t that important and maybe I should check on my family and go home.
Battling through adversity, I stopped into a another CVS and purchased 2 American Flags that got duct taped to my side mirrors.  This became a trend in the Northern Virginia area in the weeks to follow as you couldn’t find an American flag in stock anywhere.   It was awesome driving to work up and down interstate 95 watching an epic patriotic display of a county unified.  American Flags hung in or flew proudly on every vehicle traveling as our hearts bled Red White and Blue.  Never in my years of military service or life as a civilian have I ever witnessed a more unified body of people that believed in their country.  Unfortunately this position came from a tragedy but it makes you wish that we could have the good ol’ days back and Make America Great Again!




Santa Claus has been busy with Lighting By Veterans

Written by veteransadmin on September 10th, 2016. Posted in Blogs

Santa Claus is back in 2016!

Santa Claus has had the busiest year after partnering with our local favorite Christmas Light Installation company, Lighting By Veterans.  Because of their efforts and the generosity of their clients, we were able to purchase $2,810 worth of Christmas presents for children here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  When it comes to walking a mile in Santa’s boots, it’s really doesn’t happen without the support of hardworking entrepreneurs and parents that love their children dearly.  Some children only have Santa to count on because of multiple reasons and situations that our completely out of their control.  It is for this reason and many reasons like this one that our partnership with local businesses is so important so Santa can continue to reach out and touch people who still believe.
In 2016, the spirit of Christmas will continue as a few other local businesses will join the team and help out with our Santa Claus charity.  We’re proud to add Five and Up Flowers, Make It Rain Marketing, Mckinney Contractors and Prosper Christmas Light Installation to our companies that will be assisting in Santa’s efforts.  Our hopes is that we can quadruple our donation for the 2016 season and we’re excited to see all of the smiling faces a few days before Christmas.  If you’re interested in getting involved with our Santa Claus Charity in 2016, please email us at for more information.  Once again we would like to thank each and every client/customer who has contributed $10 or more and we hope that the Christmas spirit moves through North Texas again in 2016.  #BelieveNSanta #LBVets #bestmckinney #ProsperXMAS #5nupflowers #rainmakerseo

Lighting By Veterans is purchasing from China in 2016!

Written by veteransadmin on August 21st, 2016. Posted in Blogs

Purchasing from China

What is the difference?

Now that Lighting By Veterans is beginning their 6th season in the Christmas Light Installation business, they’re looking closely at alternative options in LED purchasing directly from China.  Unfortunately there are no manufactures of LED products in the US, only resale companies who distribute China made products.  In attempt to keep cost down for their valued clients, LBV is buying directly from the source to offer the best pricing in 2016.
Using warm white LED C9 Bulbs will make your home look beautiful all Christmas long and the new LED 5mil wide angled mini lights will have your trees and landscaping ready for website photos.  Remember that ordering your services early can save you money and guarantee an installation appointment during the “Prime Time” season so don’t wait to call.  There are many early bird specials that can be taken advantage of for commercial properties as well so let’s plan the best Christmas ever!
Make sure you give Lighting By Veterans a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or visit them online at for more information.  This is a military veteran owned and operated business that is proud to serve the North Texas area.  Have a Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever from the folks at Lighting By Veterans!  #LBVets  

Define your WHY before you live your dream

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For many years the main focus has been on how much money can you make and try to outshine your competition in every task.  Being fearless and willing to do anything to get the winning edge in business has created many monsters in our industry.  The truth of success is obvious when you search for your keywords and scan the first page for your business.  At the end of the day, staying on top equals the phone ringing off the hook and the rest is up to you.  We can make the phone ring with the right potential clients and place your product, event or business people looking for it.  Converting those leads into sales and then converting those sales into an abundance is “Making it Rain!

Make It Rain Marketing is a local SEO and Internet Marketing firm in the North Texas area.  We specialize in small business start-ups and advanced social media strategies for events, products and companies.  Having an idea that’s birthed through a dream can be captured on paper waiting on an investment of your time and treasure.  It’s going to take a “Rainmaker” to breath life into that dream and make it a reality for you.  We have been making dreams come true for many clients over the past 7 years here in Texas and Virginia and we have no plans on reaching for the brake pedal.  You can reach Make It Rain Marketing at 903-420-0736 or visit us online at

“You can have everything you want if you help enough people get what they want.”  – Zig Ziglar

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Valentine’s Day “Love Letter Contest” with Five and Up Flowers!

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This Valentine’s Day is going to be the best one ever because something special is going to happen.  God holds everything in the palm of His hand to include but limited to our future and Five and Up Flowers has been called to give this arrangement to someone who really needs it!  Love is in the air and we are in a season of generosity so Five and Up Flowers just needs to choose the person that needs to receive this delivery.  We have decided to host a “Love Letter Contest” that anyone can enter and we will be delivering this Premium Package on Valentine’s Day (Sunday February 14th, 2016) to one lucky winner!  Please email your love letter to and then pay attention to the Five and Up Flowers Facebook page for the contest progression.  Thank you very much for entering and may God bless each and every one of you!
This Premium Package is Valentine’s Day deal that consists of a three dozen red roses arrangement, premium chocolates and a large plush bear. (actual bear may vary)  This package retails for $350 with delivery and Five and Up Flowers is selling it for only $249 from now until February 13, 2016.  Five and Up Flowers is a local florist in the Frisco, Prosper, Mckinney and Allen Texas area that serves all customers within a 10 mile radius of our shop.  We specialize in fresh flower arrangements and have always made sure that the glory of God pours out of our shop and our partners.  Thanks for supporting our company over the years and we are looking forward to putting another smile on your loved ones face again on Valentine’s Day!
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Valentine’s Day with Five and Up Flowers

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to do for Valentine’s Day and Five and Up Flowers is here to help you with that process.  Don’t be a last minute person who tries to find a restaurant or tries to get flowers delivered at 7pm on Valentine’s Day.   Plan ahead and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!  If you didn’t know, this year Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and most shops will be overloaded with orders starting on Thursday.  A little planning ahead will make you look like you’ve cared from the beginning of the year.  With so many beautiful rose assortments and arrangements to choose from, all you have to do is visit us online at to see pictures of our inventory.
Five and Up Flowers is proud to announce in 2016 that we are partnered with 1-800 Flowers and we can now send our flower arrangements all over the United States.  With this being said, if you’re looking to have your loved ones in the presence of God’s display of beauty through flowers than give us a call at 972-850-8769 or visit us at  Thank you for all the years of support and we are looking forward to bringing more smiles to your face!  🙂 Remember to like us on Facebook to receive a free delivery! #5nupflowers #bestmckinney #5nupValentine

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Five and Up Flowers

Five and Up Flowers and Lighting By Veterans in 2015

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Lighting By Veterans and Five and Up Flowers in 2015

Lighting By Veterans is your local Christmas Light Installation company in the North Texas area.  If you’re looking for the best deals of professional lighting installation than all you have to do is give them a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check them out at  Christmas is the time of year that everything gets in a big hurry but you don’t need to take the risk of falling off of your roof and messing with those tangled strands of lights from the previous season.  LBV makes your life easy with one simple phone call and has now partnered with the top florist in the area to provide a larger “one stop solution” to your holiday decorations needs.
Five and Up Flowers is now in their second year of business in North Texas and is excited about the 2015 partnership with LBV.  Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries or just to say that I love you to a special somebody, Five and Up Flowers is there to help you with any of your florist needs.  All you have to do is give them one simple phone call to 972-850-8769 or check them out at  #5nupflowers #bestmckinney #LBVets #Yesvemeber

Lighting By Veterans 2015 Service Agreement

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Lighting By Veterans Customer Agreement

-Our installation appointments are scheduled in weekly windows and we do not guarantee exact days of install.  (ex. 1st week of November or 2nd week of November)
– LBV charges by the bulb for C7 or C9 lighting, by the box (100ct or 75ct LED) for mini lights.
– Additional extension cords, timers and/or electrical circuits may be required to operate your lighting display which may not be included in your estimate.  These items will be added to your final invoice at the completion of your installation
– LBV requires that all customers have a credit card or debit card on file with a minimum of 50% (for existing) or 75% (for new) deposit before scheduling
– Your LBV installation team will set the timers to come on and off at your preferred selection (see warranty)
– Existing lighting customer should expect an additional charge for any replacement bulbs, clips or any other maintenance for decorations.

– LBV will remove all decorations that were installed by us within the first 15 business days of the new year.  (weather permitting)
– LBV is not responsible for broken or damaged clips or bulbs during the removal process.
– Our effort is to place your decorations in a customer provided storage container located in the front of the home.  If no container is available, your decorations will be placed on your front porch.
– Although your requests are taken into consideration, due to the HIGH VOLUME of removals that need to by completed in a short amount of time, LBV has to stick to a company provided schedule.  If you would like to wait to have your decorations removed when we’re ready, LBV can no longer guarantee the 15 business day window.

– LBV offers a 24 hour response to trouble calls (weather permitting) for all new lighting displays purchased through us.
– For trouble calls that are found to be unrelated to the newly purchased lighting equipment or our installation service, there will be a $50 service call added to your account.

– Warranty may be voided on lighting if it’s connected to a customer provided extension cord, timer or additional lighting not purchased through LBV.  (example indoor timer or extension cords on the outside of the home or additional lighting installed after our crews have left that overloads circuit breakers)

– LBV offers a complete (Stay Lit Warranty) on all decorations that were purchased and installed new until the next January 1st.

Credit Card Authorization

– This agreement authorizes LBV to charge your provided debit or credit card for the initial deposit for your decorations.

– Understanding that the estimate that you received is only an estimate, the final total will be calculated and due at the completion of your install.  Unless other payment options or methods are preferred, LBV will charge the final balance to the card that’s on file.

– There will be a 3% processing fee for all credit or debit card transactions.

– LBV does not keep or save any personal payment information after the holiday season is over.

– Customer are to make checks payable to Lighting By Veterans or will need to set up payment terms directly through our office.

Mckinney Roofing Contractors

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Mckinney Roofing Contractors

If you’re looking to have your roof replaced or repaired and you live within a one hour drive from Mckinney Texas, you need to read this.  Mckinney Contractors is actually a Roofing Contractor and specializes in Roof Repair and Roof Replacement.  Make sure you’re calling the best company this storm season.  You can reach us at 972-674-9627 or by visiting us online at  #bestmckinney

Mckinney Contractors is your one stop shop for all professional contractors servicing the surrounding Mckinney Texas area.  We offer a solution for services including but not limited to, Roofing Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Fence Contractors, Tree Service, Plumbers, Electricians, Christmas Light Installation and many more.  Please feel free to contact us at 972-674-9627 or visit us online at  #bestmckinney

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